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I have always been creative and my fascination with jewellery designs developed during my early formative years as a child. I love the diversity of old monuments, cultures and religions having travelled and lived in many countries…, from Egypt to Japan, China, Africa, other parts of Europe to which the inspiration of my designs derived from, and always returning to Paris – the capital of “Haute Couture” to complete them.

My collection reflects the different authentic originals I have seen in the many places I have visited and have designed each pieces representing a mixture of muse over reflecting a cosmopolitan setting. I experiment with different kinds of materials. Beads, leathers, feathers, crystals projecting energies, stone from the earth, pearls and shells from the sea, wood from the forests together with other natural elements of life to reminisce forgotten times with renewed memories from another epoch for the contemporary period.

Designing variance of necklaces that can accessorise dresses, masks that can leave one in total mystery, or special rings as icons of physical and spiritual protection is my passion. Their novelty surfaces like forgotten meteoroid collages and colours of nature.

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