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Inspired by pluralism, an idea that out of many we are one, Suna designs for bold and curious people. Her creative process draws on her oriental roots combined with the timeless elegance of Paris, where she is based, and the vibrant rebellious style of London, where she grew up.

She has travelled around the world captivated by the warmth of humanity, absorbing the essence of nature and culture as the nourishment for her craft and inspiration. Her work combines a unique intersection, of french elegance and couture aesthetic with earthier exotic forms fusing ancient and modern, that blurs the line between the sacred and the mystical, to weave a unique distinctive personality to each creation.

Having started as a model, her career evolved with Suna becoming a press attache for the fashion industry, ultimately leading to the organization and staging of fashion events and photoshoots. In 2009 she launched her first collection of exclusive jewelry and one-off accessories, under the label Sunamoya, sold at boutique Charmel in Paris. With her extensive experience and network of professionals in the fashion and music world she enjoys working and expanding her ideas across many artistic and creative platforms, both as stylist as well as designer of bespoke accessories.

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